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  • Digestive ailments
    Asiwon Tablet (Bangpungtongseongsan Extract Tablet)

    Symptoms associated with high blood pressure (palpitation, shoulder discomfort, flush), obesity, swelling, and constipation

  • Respiratory aliments
    EX-col D Granule

    Relief from typical cold symptoms (sore throat, chills, fever, headache, joint pain, muscle pain)

  • Digestive ailments
    Hanpoong Olga S Granules (Pyeongwioryeongsan)

    The accompanying symptoms to diarrhea, vomiting, thirst, and decreased urination are as follows: Indigestion (gastric indigestion), heat stroke, abdominal chills, acute gastroenteritis, and abdominal pain

  • Nutritive tonic
    Hanpoong Gyeongokgo

    During or after an illness, weakness, physical fatigue, malaise, and menopausal disorders

  • Nutritive tonic
    Hanpoong Gonjindan

    Congenital weakness, helplessness, and diminished physical strength due to chronic disease, Vertigo, headache, chronic fatigue, and menstrual abnormalities caused by liver failure

  • Respiratory aliments
    Inhusin Capsule (Dried Eungyosan extract)

    Cold-induced throat pain, thirst, cough, and headache

  • Respiratory aliments
    Good Morning S Granule

    Constipation, Relieving the following constipation-related symptoms

  • Anal ailments
    Chijirae granules

    Hemorrhoids, anal fissure, and anal bleeding

  • Circulatory system ailment
    A-tova Tablet20mg

  • Circulatory system ailment
    Rovat Tablet20mg

    Rosuvastatin Calcium