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Hanpoong Pharm & Foods was founded in 1973 on the premise of contributing to people's health through the modernization and scientization of oriental medicine. Its CMO division has expanded by concentrating on over-the-counter medications and promoting human health through the development of new, natural medicine.

We have amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience over many years, collaborating with a number of pharmaceutical companies through steady development, and striving to produce and distribute competitive pharmaceuticals centered on customer satisfaction. With a flexible production system, we are able to meet a variety of needs and achieve rapid distribution. In addition, we provide customized services to customers by verifying order information and supplying the necessary details to ensure timely delivery.

The Wanju factory of Hanpoong Pharm & Foods is a finished drug (KGMP) and raw material (BGMP) drug production facility equipped with advanced GMP-level manufacturing facilities and a safe working environment as a result of consistent facility investment and expansion.

Through step-by-step process management and a flawless quality assurance system, Hanpoong Pharm & Foods manages the procedure from raw material storage to finished product shipment. First, the quality department conducts tests to confirm the quality of pharmaceuticals, develops new test methods such as PV, MV, and CV, and conducts post-marketing stability evaluation. In addition, the production department meticulously manages the production of pharmaceutical products in accordance with the permit. When developing new products, we manage raw materials, auxiliary materials, and prototypes according to customer needs.


Customer inquiry (proposal)-Consulting product progress-Reviewing prototypes and their safety-Confirm the unit price and conclude contract-Release of product (in stock)

Processing method

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    Original Development Manufacturing

    As a manufacturer-designed drug production, when the orderer entrusts production of the product to the manufacturer, the manufacturer develops and produces this product and delivers it to the orderer, who then distributes and sells it.

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    Original Equipment Manufacturing

    As a orderer-designed drug production, when the orderer entrusts production of the product required by the company to the manufacturer, the finished products are distributed and sold.

Composition available for production

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    Chewable tablet
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  • GC녹십자
  • 광동제약
  • 부광약품주식회사
  • 일화
  • 코오롱제약
  • 삼진제약
  • SK케미칼
  • 제일헬스사이언스


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