About Hanpoong Pharm & Foods

Hanpoong Pharm & Foods has a positive impact on the humanity.


We will expand into
a global pharmaceutical company that promotes the health of all people.

We would like to extend our deepest appreciation to all of our customers who have visited Hanpoong Pharm & Foods, and we wish you health and happiness.

Since its founding in 1973, Hanpoong Pharm & Foods has made ceaseless efforts to benefit both nature and people. First, we paved the way for the proper prescribing and popularization of herbal medicines, and now we want to contribute to public health as a total health care business.

In accordance with the wishes of our founder, Chairman Jo Pil-hyeong, we are on a journey to be reborn as a health keeper of the people with the corporate philosophy of "Humanitarianism," which promotes the universal health of all people. There will be numerous obstacles along the way. However, Hanpoong Pharm & Foods will be a company that can promote public health further once the journey is complete and the numerous obstacles have been overcome.

To solidify our position to this end, all executives and employees will concentrate on their management skills.
We will create a healthier future through our longstanding beliefs and efforts.
We’d like your continuous support and encouragement.
Thank you.

CEOs of Hanpoong Pharm & Foods, Jo In-sik, Jo Hyeong-kwon


A journey of taking on challenge
to promote the health of all people!
Hanpoong Pharm & Foods will continue
to contribute to public health in the future.


  • Minister of Welfare Award
  • Designated as the Jeollabuk-do’s STAR enterprise
  • 4 registered patents (3 cases including pharmaceutical composition and food composition for improving menopausal symptoms)
  • Designated as the first development stage of rare drugs for Korea's first oriental medicine composition (Mecasin)
  • 1 clinically tested patented composition
  • 2 international patent application filings
  • Selected as the leading technology development project in oriental medicine (Ministry of Health and Welfare)
  • Hanpoong Pharm & Foods’ 2nd plant BGMP, GMP certification
  • 2 registered patents (1 case including composition for prevention, improvement or treatment of obesity containing Euiintang as an active ingredient)
  • Obtained IND approval for 1 case (treatment for osteoporosis) and patent registration for 2 cases (1 case including composition for thrombosis disease including Vitis labruscana leaf extract)
  • 2 registered patents (1 case including composition for thrombosis disease including Vitis labruscana leaf extract)
  • 4 IND approvals (acute sore throat treatment, rheumatoid arthritis treatment, obesity treatment, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis treatment)
  • Certification for Management Innovation Small and Medium Business (MAIN-BIZ)
  • Hanpoong Pharm & Foods’ 2nd plant KGMP certification


  • Developed the first dry granulation technology in Korea
  • Acquired ISO9001 certification, the international standard of quality management
  • Applied two patents (Phenolic Compounds having Anti-Oxidative Activities extracted from Hovenia dulcis Thunb. Leaves and etc.)
  • Granted IND approval for two items (Alzheimer’s medicine and etc.)
  • Selected as a Jeonbuk Promising Strategic Enterprise
  • Applied two patents (Composition for Treating or Preventing Inflammatory Bowel Disease and etc.)
  • Conducted herbal medicine dosage form modernization project (National Institute for Korean Medicine Development)


  • Exported herbal medicine to South Baylo University School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
  • Applied patent (Method for Production of Silk Peptides)
  • Founded Hanpoong Sangam Grand Prize with the Korean Society of Pharmacognosy
  • Conducted AURI joint research (Jeonbuk National University)
  • Granted IND approval for LBK02, herbal dementia medicine (joint research with Wonkwang University College of Korean medicine)


  • Acquired KGMP certification for Jeonju Factory 1


  • Applied computer attaching-type HPLC (first among Korean herbal medicine manufacturers)
  • Received an Excellent SME award by the Prime Minister


  • Applied computer attaching-type HPLC (first among Korean herbal medicine manufacturers)
  • Received an Excellent SME award by the Prime Minister
  • Established Hanpoong Pharm & Foods, the first Korean herbal medicine specialist

Company's Beliefs

Catch Phrase


Based on the company's belief of "Humanitarianism," which promotes the health of all people,
we pledge to strive to be reborn as the people's health keeper.


Promoting the health of all people,
the best Korean total health care business

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    Contributing to human health
    by modernization and using cutting-edge science
    with oriental and western medicine

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    Hanpoong Pharm & Foods
    was founded in 1973
    with two goals in mind.

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    Solving chronic
    and incurable diseases
    that modern medicine cannot cure


Since its foundation, Hanpoong Pharm & Foods has developed and distributed "oriental herbal extracts" for the first time in Korea,
brand has since supplied approximately 400 items with standardized oriental medicine prescriptions as the best oriental medicine pharmaceutical company.

Now, in order to become a total health care business, Hanpoong Pharm & Foods is advancing human health
through the development of natural products and enhanced new medicines, and we will continue to challenge ourselves to develop functional materials,
such as ingredients for health functional foods, cosmetics, and animal and plant feed.

  • Total health care
  • Development of natural products and enhanced new medicines
  • Development of oriental medicines
  • Development of health functional food
  • Functional materials development


  • Humanitarianism

  • Creativity

  • Faithfulness

  • Shared growth



Humanitarianism, creativity, faithfulness, and shared growth

By embodying the spirit of humanitarianism, it represents the philosophy of Hanpoong Pharm & Foods, which is "to benefit our world in a variety of ways," while the solid blue color signifies promoting future growth with integrity and trustworthiness as a global leader.

Color System

  • PANTONE Blue 072C
    C99 + M97 + Y3 + K1 R45 + G48 + B146 HTML #2E3092
  • Hanpoong Pharm & Foods' identity is significantly influenced by its distinctive color. For effective use, the manual-specified color must be maintained, and the printing method, ink concentration, and paper quality must be reviewed so that the standard color (PANTONE COLOR) is implemented as closely as possible.

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